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Cuba Island


Cuba is the center where the colors and the music combine. Having a holiday with friendly Mediterranean people and cultural diversity is just a privilege for you.

Beautiful hotels with Latin Architecture and cultural impacts of old lives in Cuba will make you feel like you are in a dream. Musicians in all corners or diversity of people in parks are just some of attractive points.
Brilliant red, blue, yellow, green and pink cars from 1950s are the most important transportation vehicles in the island. These cars are being cleaned and polished everyday.

In Santiago area, palm trees and great natural beauty make up a different world for its visitors.

Cuba has beautiful white beaches which attracted Christopher Colombo at the first sight, fascinating sea which has all the tones of colors and colorful flamingo and parrots between palm trees.

Another place which has green roads, palm trees, mango gardens and luxury touristy buses is Trinidad and it is like a different corner from a dream.
You can see different paintings and wood trinkets which reflect city’s culture in the streets. And all doors with colorful fruits in the streets make you say that “You are in Cuba”.

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