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Cyprus Island


Cyprus is the one of the most charming place for people who do not want to go far awaw from Turkey. The beautiful sun, clean sea and unique beaches of Mediterranean will fascinate you at the first sight. Addition to that you will have lots of opportunities for having the joy of beautiful environment of Cyprus.

This beautiful island is not just about sun, sea and environment. It is also appropriate for people who are interested in sports, entertainment, history and romance.

Every moment that you spend in Cyprus has an importance in your vacation. You can start your day by a walk in fascinating nature and do your sports after that. In the nights you can have lots of fun in night clubs or have a romantic dinner for relaxing.

this beautiful place is like a combination of history and the modern world. If you a have an interest on history, archeological remains and old castles will satisfy you in your vacation. after that You can end up your day in a very big shopping center and you can find all luxury items in stores.

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