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Kos Island


is the nearest Greek island and also it is one of the biggest islands in that area. Mythological history of the island is founded in very old ages. Hippocrates who is known as the predecessor of clinical medicine proved that clinical medicine is important and magic can not help ill people in this island. So that doctors still visit this island to make their Hippocratic Oath.

This island is a combination mystical Greek history and a modern city. All houses, stores, temples with Greek motives like antic leopards, lions and dolphins, and wrecks are altogether in the city center. It is certain that you can see an antic statue or a temple when you are shopping

Addition to this historical magic of the island, the beautiful nature, activity opportunities, long beaches and nearness to Bodrum make this island as a charming holiday place.

You can sunbathe in windy beaches and have your lunch in a beautiful restaurants and cafes. Later on you can do shopping and find colorful, mystical and high quality items. After that you can have fun all night long in night clubs of Kos Island.

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